A couple of weeks ago we held our Topping Off ceremony

This is a tradition for timber frame, stick built houses. It takes place when the last roof beam is put into place. Historically the builders attach a small tree to the top of the house which stays in place until the owners have supplied them with drink and food to celebrate the literal “Topping Off” of the build.

Our topping off was delayed slightly as we had to wait for a window in the weather when it would be safe to clamber up to the Tower. Wednesday 29th January dawned bright and fair and was chosen as the day for the ceremony.

Mark and I prepared food for the event and ensured a good supply of beer, cider and champagne. Sadly due to my foot I was unable to clamber up to the top tower but Mark gamely went up and duly sprayed the roof and the workers with champagne. The builders then signed the beam and all of us imbibed in some drinks and food to celebrate a job incredibly well done by HM Construction.

Food and Drink at the ready, traditionally a tree is fixed to the top of the roof and is not removed until the owner has supplied the builders with food and drink!
The cork goes flying
Dousing the team and the roof liberally with Champagne!
The team signing their names
The last nails go in.
Celebrating a job well done
Topped Off!