Over the next few months we will be making lots of decisions on different products to use in the house – ranging from big items such as external cladding and roofing, down to door handles and light switches.

Some of these may merit detailed blogs – such as the Borehole we are planning to put in and various renewable technologies. Others will not merit such detail and so will be placed on this page as they will be of interest to a more limited group.


Toilets seems to be a recurring theme in this blog. However in many ways I consider it appropriate that our first actual  purchase for the house which was famous for its “loo with a view” was a toilet.   

The amount of choice available for such a functional item is bewildering. I therefore thought it might be interesting to share the thinking behind the selection we have made, particularly for those of you that may be purchasing a replacement toilet in the future and so are interested in the latest developments. 

The toilet we purchased is for the Master en-suite.  It was a clearance item so a very good price; made in Russia, so owes something to my ancestral roots; but most important of all it is wall hung, rimless and has a quick release seat. 

Wall hung greatly simplifies cleaning (no bendy soil pipe to get around behind the system) and it creates a feeling of space as you can see all areas of the floor.

Rimless is the new technology which we will see increasingly in toilets of the future as not only is it more hygienic it also uses less water.  To understand more about how this works follow this link as it will explain it better than I can.

Quick release seats help with maintaining cleanliness of toilets, see this link.

So the only thing remaining is a photo of the actual toilet which is now wrapped in bubble wrap and sitting in our garage. In keeping with the traditions of the house it will be a toilet with a view, just not such a public one as before!

One comment

  1. Intended use The support arm is used as a support for sitting down or getting up from a toilet, or for sideways transfer from a wheelchair. Operating environment For indoor use in a wet environment, such as a bathroom or a washroom, in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals. For institutional use, the expected life time is 10 years. For maintenance, please refer to user guide, which is enclosed with the product, and which can also be found on the website under “Downloads”.

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