HOUSE LEVELLING PARTY – and the Proroguing of parliament

Yesterday we had a “House LRevelling Party” to celebrate the start of the major works on Minterne.

It was also an opportunity to let neighbours and friends, and even the odd passer-by, look around the house to see the somewhat idiosyncratic features within. There was much astonishment at the “Loo with the View” (Room with a view, and tales of other toilets….. ), but also bewilderment at the disjointed nature of the development of the house over the last 50 years.

But there was also excitement at the plans which were reflected in some of the comments written on the message wall.

Mark in front of the message wall

The event brought back memories of the many house parties I have had over the years in different parts of the world. How special it is to welcome friends, neighbours and strangers into your home to share your food and drink and to celebrate life and all it brings. It was quite poignant therefore to be holding our party on the same day that thousands were marching in protest at The Prorogation of Parliament, the latest cynical action from Boris Johnstone’s government aimed at securing a disorderly exit from the EU. One that could create unforeseen barriers between ourselves and our friends, neighbours and interesting strangers we have yet to meet, in continental Europe.

So if you are reading this and you are concerned about what is happening please sign the petition and join the community of millions who are challenging this action: Thank you.