Asbestos Day


So today was the Asbestos Day.  We arranged for an asbestos survey by a professional company NSUK  We were quite nervous about this as given the age of the house (or at least what we judge it to be from the records available) we were anticipating the worst.  So it was with some relief that we found out there are only 3 asbestos issues in the entire structure (the ceiling of the utility room; the base of an old sink unit and the soffits on one of the roofs).

Whilst all these will need to be professionally removed we were assured that they are accessible so it should be a fairly straight forward operation.

We have taken Tom (our 20 month old Cockapoo for those of you who don’t know him) for his first visit to the house.  He loved the garden particularly when he found the stream running by the side which gives him an on site personal paddling pool should we ever get another hot summer in these parts. Photos will follow.  Also Mark was delighted to go foraging and found a lot of apples (though I think most are cookers so we will be making preserves) and some giant squash which I now have to think what to do with – too soon for Halloween!

Meanwhile I donated one of the wood burning stoves to a friend who needs it for a chalet she is renovating and she came to remove it today.  So one item has been successfully recycled – I will slowly start to work through other items as the time for demolition work draws near.

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