The 13th may be unlucky for some but for us it was a red letter day as we signed the contract with the builder who is going to undertake the works on the house.

The selection process took a couple of months, involving a “beauty parade” of 7 different companies. We are delighted with the company we have chosen, for Mark in part because they worked on the construction of the Somerset Cricket Pavilion in Taunton! I think he is hoping for complementary box tickets to a future event.

The company selected are very excited about our project with its focus on achieving near Passive House efficiency. We are going for a timber frame for the main structure which they will construct on site. Works are due to start on Monday 2nd September with an end date of late May 2020.

So we are now busy planning for the “House Levelling” party which we will use to update neighbours on the plans and give them a last chance to look around the house before it undergoes its transformation.

I realise I have not published many photos of the current building so I will start with a few external ones below and internal ones will follow.

The original part of the house was the smaller A Frame
The front door in the original A Frame
The first extension added at some point in the 1960s
The second extension added in 2002, look how it is perched on steel poles balanced on top of what was originally the garage to the house.


  1. Exciting! The visible steel pole is looking a bit wonky so leveling that bit seems like a good idea! Sally

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